Welcome to the America First Party of New York

  Everyday Americans, like you, who believe in the basic American values of faith, freedom, and responsibility need a political home. Over the years, you have seen the Democrats and Republicans walk away from the basic principles that our nation was founded upon. Those in the political establishment have lost sight of what is best for the American people. Instead...

  • They tax you to buy votes for wasteful programs, which aren't in our best interest
  • They ignore you and instead pay attention to large corporate donors and special interests
  • They help big business to ship your jobs overseas
  • They fail to protect the most defenseless and innocent among us
  • They send your children to die on foreign soil for Corpoote Agendas
  • They want to reinstitute the draft to futher their imperialist ambitions
  • They leave our borders wide open to terrorists but lock out those who want to enter legally
  • They let the UN pass judgement on our laws and our people
  • They control our schools from Washington while locking our kids in failing schools
  • They take away your basic rights while protecting themselves and their cronies

  The America First Party of New York is dedicated to electing people to office who will put America and all Americans First. We recognize that our nation needs our help. We know that our current leaders have promoted public policies that have resulted in...

  • More than half of the 9/11 terrorists entered the US illegally and 11,000,000+ others are entering into our country illegally and the INS looks the other way
  • More than 2,000,000 jobs lost to global free trade in 2 years as hundreds of factories close and we buy our bullets from China
  • US Troops are in more than 100 countries and, yet, our government is proposing a national draft to increase our unconstitutional military hegemony world-wide
  • Every year we have a new record trade deficit--while American workers scramble for jobs that pay a decent and livable wage
  • The WTO fines us for cutting taxes, promoting our self-interests, and asking for "fair" trade
  • The Federal Government continues to take control of private and public lands throughout the US in order to comply with unconstitutional treaties with the United Nations
  • Another 1,400,000 pre-born children are killed every year, while our government looks the other way
  • Our elected government is promoting a National "Smart Card" ID to track our everyday activities in the name of thwarting terrorism
  • Our elected officials continue to spend more and more of our tax money to insure Federal control over our Local schools
  • Republicans and Democrats are working together to take away our Gun Rights
  • Increased Food Stamps, Medicaid, and social progams for illegal aliens are bancrupting the economies of many states--The INS does nothing to secure our borders to stem this illegal invasion

So, What you waiting for? Isn't time to put America First!